First aid for dogs and puppies

First aid techniques are an important thing for everybody to know and not only dog lovers or pet owners. Anytime and anywhere a dog can be in trouble, and you may be the only person there to help it. If you see a person hurt, you know what to do. Do you what to do when you see an injured dog?

An animal that got hurt has a high probability to bite. Cover it with a clean piece of cloth, strap, or bath towel. If it is throwing up, avoid covering it. Always keep a handkerchief or a small bath towel in your car for cases of emergencies. Take it away from the highway by softly slipping it onto the piece of cloth and do not pick it up. Make sure to keep in comfortable.  If it has broken, bones do not move it too much. If you that one of them has bitten another one, get to the doctor as fast as you can. The would attract germs, bacteria and other debris very quickly. You need to clean it with the help of a physician as soon as you can.

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Tips for Giving your Dog a Right Name

There are millions of names for your canine friend. You can make the list shorter and shorter till you are left with one name. You need to remember that the name is one of the key things about your dog. You should not give a name that sounds funny or weird. If there are any children in the house, let them name you.  Let your family brainstorm ideal names, provide strategies to navigate children for choosing a suitable name. Think of a name that can be used forever, that means to do not go for names like ‘little” or “bijou” because they will grow bigger. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect name.

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Top reasons to get a German Shepherd Dog

People misunderstand the German Shepherd dog for their menacing look. People need to realize that they are friendly animals that can make great pets. Many people have the misconception that get out of control after they grow a bit. They are not suitable for children or other types of dogs. Some think you will have a hard time training them with no improvement and they do not express much love for their owners.

Here are some reasons to get it as a pet.


They are highly intelligent. They have the ability to understand people because they are those breed of dogs which falls in the intellectual category hence they are used for being police dogs or rescue dogs. With proper training, they can master the skills needed to catch thieves and save people. The ones at home protect their owners from thieves and invaders.

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